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Papers for the Cutting Room

COMING SOON - Marking Paper - Pattern Paper - Separating Tissue - Kraft Paper

  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Separating-Tissue

    Hi-Yield Separating Tissue Rolls

    Hi-Yield Separating Tissue Rolls IMPORTANT: If you need to order more than 3 rolls  of tissue you MUST place your order by phone ONLY 1-800-288-8464 Separating tissue is a lightweight tissue paper used to separate fabrics during cutting processes...

    $36.00 - $83.00
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  • Plotter Paper Rolls

    HQ Plotter Paper Rolls

    HQ Plotter Paper - 450 yds per roll The premium plotter paper, with 35lb. basis-weight that provides sharp contrast. Excellent for master patterns. Available in following widths: 36" - 48" - 57" - 60" - 63" - 67" - 72"    "

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  • Kraft Paper Rolls Kraft Paper Rolls

    Kraft Paper Rolls

    Kraft Paper Rolls 40 pound base weight Our Kraft underlay pattern paper is used in cutting rooms, for pattern making, and as a general purpose paper for wrapping and other uses. The quality of our Kraft underlay paper is the key to keeping your cutting...

    $51.00 - $93.00
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  • Manila Pattern Paper Rolls

    Manila Pattern Paper Rolls

    Manila Pattern Paper Available in 40" - 48" - 54" - and 60" widths - 9" diameter roll - 2X (.010) thickness.Approximately 420 feet per roll. Our Manila Paper provides optimum performance for your sewn products manufacturing applications. Since sewn...

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  • Marking Paper - Alpha Numeric Rolls Marking Paper - Alpha Numeric

    Marking Paper - Alpha Numeric Rolls

    Our "Good Guide" Alpha Numeric (Dotted) Marking Paper is supplied in 450 foot rolls. Weight: 30 lb Sizes: 36", 45", 48", 54", 60", 66", 72" Other Attributes: Traceable with glossy finish Ideal for...

    $57.00 - $96.00
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  • Pattern Plastic Sheets

    Pattern Plastic Sheets (25 sheets per box)

    Pattern Plastic Sheets - Opaque Semi Clear Pattern Plastic is best when your pattern making requires a durable pattern medium that lasts longer than various pattern paper. Pattern plastic is used to created long lasting, durable, and flexible patterns...

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