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Chemicals & Lubricants

  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Dyn0-A10-Slli-Slide-Spray

    Dyno #A-10 Sili Slide Aerosol Spray

    Heat stable silicone release agent. Non- staining formula prevents buildup of static electricity. Overcomes friction, prevents bunching of fabrics during sewing or cutting. Prevents rust. No oil formula contains 100% silicone in active parts. Colorless...

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sewing-Machine-Oil

    Sewing Machine Oil

    Sewing Machine Oil ( Lily White Oil) One Gallon Can, packaged 4 cans per case Specially formulated light oil for industrial sewing machine use.

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sprayway-63

    Sprayway #63 Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser

    Sprayway 63 (A-60) Solvent and Degreaser 12 cans per case Designed for use in the art or picture framing studio; graphic arts, signs or screen print show; or sewing trades environment. Cleans electric motors and machines while running - will not...

  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sprayway-946

    Sprayway #946 Aerosol Silicone Spray

    SPRAYWAY 946 Silicone Spray * Regular use makes everything move easier for sewing trades and industrial maintenance personnel. * Stops sticking and binding; protects equipment. * Reduces friction; speeds cleanup of parts and equipment; increases...

  • Sprayway 382 Adhesive

    Sprayway #382 (A366) Adhesive Spray

    Sprayway 382 Fast Tack Premium Mist Pallet Adhesive   Replaces A366 Spray Adhesive A mist-type economy pallet adhesive ideal for textile screen printers. The pressure-sensitive formula makes it repositionable without losing its tack...

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