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Chemicals & Lubricants

  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Dyn0-A10-Slli-Slide-Spray

    Dyno #A-10 Sili Slide Aerosol Spray

    Heat stable silicone release agent. Non- staining formula prevents buildup of static electricity. Overcomes friction, prevents bunching of fabrics during sewing or cutting. Prevents rust. No oil formula contains 100% silicone in active parts. Colorless...

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Dyno-A18-Motor-Cleaner-Spray

    Dyno #A-18 Motor Cleaner and Degreaser

    Aerosol Spray designed specifically to clean motors, cutting machines, stones and sewing machines. Just spray on and wash off to remove dirt, grime, grease and oil. 14 oz aerosol can - packed 12 cans per case

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Dyno-A25-Spray

    Dyno #A-25 Emery Wheel Cleaner

    Aerosol spray keeps cutting machine sharpening wheels at peak efficiency. Used for either straight knife or round knife cutting machine emery wheels. Packed 12 cans per case - 14 oz. cans

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sewing-Machine-Oil

    Sewing Machine Oil

    Sewing Machine Oil ( Lily White Oil) One Gallon Can, packaged 4 cans per case Specially formulated light oil for industrial sewing machine use.

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sprayway-63

    Sprayway #63 Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser

    Sprayway 63 (A-60) Solvent and Degreaser 12 cans per case Designed for use in the art or picture framing studio; graphic arts, signs or screen print show; or sewing trades environment. Cleans electric motors and machines while running - will not...

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sprayway-66 Sprayway #66 (A366) Adhesive Spray

    Sprayway #66 (A366) Adhesive Spray

    Sprayway #A366 Spray Adhesive (Replaces #66 Spray) packed 12 cans per case VOC Compliant For the art studio; print, picture framing, screen print, or signs/display shop; sewing trades personnel, woodworkers, and office and indstrial settings. Prevents...

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  • Reliable-Factory-Supply-Sprayway-946

    Sprayway #946 Aerosol Silicone Spray

    SPRAYWAY 946 Silicone Spray * Regular use makes everything move easier for sewing trades and industrial maintenance personnel. * Stops sticking and binding; protects equipment. * Reduces friction; speeds cleanup of parts and equipment; increases...

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