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Eastman Straight Knife Machines

  • Eastman 627 Brute Cutting Machine

    Eastman 627 Brute Cloth Cutting Machine

    Eastman 627 Brute Cutting Machine From  $ 2450.00 Eastman has manufactured the highest quality, longest lasting and simply the best cloth cutting machines for over one century. Don't compromise quality, use Eastman Cutting Machines! Heavy Duty...

    $2,450.00 - $2,675.00
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  • Eastman Brute Variable Speed Cutting Machine 6"

    Eastman Brute Varaible Speed Cutting Machine Features a variable speed motor to offer increased acceleration and smoother operation across a range of materials Runs at speeds of 1,200 to 4,000 RPM Heavy-duty performance for cutting extra heavy cloth...

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